OLIVIA POPE from Television Series “Scandal” meets Crochet High Fashion

Olivia Pope from "Scandal"

Olivia Pope from “Scandal”

Every Thursday night, we all are glued to our televisions watching the most fashionable woman on TV. The leading lady Olivia Pope from the Television Series “Scandal”. Even though, we love the lustful drama series. I know we also admire her ability to be most fashionable all while participating in an affair and saving the day every episode.

Mean while in the crochet world I found a crochet blazer that screams  “OLIVIA POPE”!!!

Olivia Pope from Scandel crochet blazer

This Vintage 1950 Crocheted Blazer is the look that Olivia Pope wears on Scandal very often.

Guess what Crochet(ers)?? I found the pattern for ONLY $2.99!!!

Click Here for Pattern

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