Crocheted Jumpsuit Shows Off Miley Cyrus’s curves at the Billboard Awards !!


The Bill Board awards is known to have all kinds of celebrity edgy styles shown on the red carpet and on stage. This year was no different. Here we have our very own pop star Miley Cyrus at the Billboard Awards wearing this very stylish Crocheted Balmain jumpsuit.

Here goes to show you how creative you can be with crocheted apparel designs, and I’m sure Miss Miley Ray Cyrus has started a new trend in clothing, even though she is known to be spotted in crocheted apparel very often.


For ALL my fellow crochet(er) I have a few  links for some beautiful(YET EASY) crochet patterns for skirts

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Miss Halle Berry has been a tremendous icon and influence on my generous for years now. She has been everything every women wants to be and everything every man wish he could be with. Miss Berry has always been able to stand the test of time with her fashionable transition from long hair to short hair all while keeping her edgy style.

Here we have Halle Berry on the cover of GQ in a crochet monokini. Crochet swim wear is the most comfortable swim wear, because it allows your skin to breathe.

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For all the crochet(er)s Here is a picture of Halle Berry and her daughter styled in a crochet hoodie sweater taking a stroll around town.

I love this look on her, because its a class piece that is fairly easy for us to duplicate.

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